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Sandbar Shark
Carcharhinus milberti

Common Names: brown shark
W. Atlantic Range: New England to Brazil
  Sandbar Shark
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The Sandbar Shark, also known as the Brown shark, strongly resembles the Bull Shark. The color varies slightly, generally greyish brown along the upper body, and creamy to white below. They have a high dorsal fin placed forward on body, and a hatchet shaped second dorsal fin close to the tail.

The Sandbar Shark grows to about 8 feet, averaging 70-85 pounds, with some as large as 200 pounds. They are generally found in 10 - 40 fathoms, with males ranging out to 100 fathoms. The females of the species tend to stick to the shallower feeding/breeding grounds.

Locally, smaller Sandbars can be caught in Great Bay in June and July, with the best fishing coming the week of the full moon just before the evening high tide. Anchor up just outside of the ICW and fish chunks of bunker on 7/0 to 9/0 hooks.

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