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Banded Rudderfish
Seriola zonata

Common Names: jack, slender amberjack
W. Atlantic Range: Nova Scotia to Brazil
  Banded Rudderfish
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Banded Rudderfish frequent the Great Bay area throuhout the summer months, and can also be found in schools near buoys and trap lines on the ocean.

Rudderfish are small, averaging 4 - 7 inches; they are known to grow as large as 25 inches.

The body is pale and darkens towards the top of back, with six distinct dark bands running vertically down the body. The young fish strongly resemble the pilotfish, with many of the same habits (shark followers). The Rudderfish has two dorsal fins, the pilotfish has only one.

They are a lot of fun to catch with small hooks and light tackle. Once you get one hooked, keep it in the water so as not to spook the other fish. They larger specimens make fine table fare.

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